Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Campervan adventure in Japan, part 34


This is how our winter trip started.
Enjoying an amazing sunrise with Tsuru in the Air.
We spent the first few days of January criss-crossing Kagoshima Pref.
Nice nice.

  Next day: Good Morning crispy morning.

Yappari, another spectacular wintery scenery.
This time at the Sendai River in Kagoshima.

Sogi Waterfalls. Nice place to visit. Also a nice place to stay overnight. RV P available.

We enjoyed a good night sleep here at this parking lot of a superb onsen.
Of course we soaked :-) Way to go.

Yapperi, At Night.

Kumamoto Mikan Country.
Spectacular sunset, onsen, P for the night and 
a nice area for a morning walk.

Off the beaten track.
Go slow, Go slow. 
Exciting exploring Kyushu with Billie Bee Bus.

We are often asked: Where to park for the night?
You can use campsites, RV parking, Michi-no-eki or what we often use: 
Free and legit public parking.

At the hotspring... 
Big surprise when our rental camper shows up.
Sharing a bath is Fun.

It's time to take a bath, again. Best thing to do in winter season.
We stayed overnight at this free public parking next to the bath. 
The next morning: The towel from last night was frozen solid.

 Early January, some fields are already Yellow.
Yes, spring will come. 
But... first a little bit more winter. With snow in tomorrow's forecast.

Yappari Waterfall.
The beauty of Kyushu by campervan.... you can go your own way @ your own pace. That's how to discover charms.

A picture sent to us by a customer.
Yappari, near the beach.

Mobile hotel with a view.

Sakura Season last year.
And yes, it's gonna happen again.

We are often asked about the Mighty REGISTRO.
It's small, but fits 2 and i
t's going places.


Saturday, December 9, 2023

Campervan adventure in Japan, part 33


On board home-dried persimons. Yummy!!
Marijke definite approves.

Yappari, steam your own meal. Fun thing to do in Beppu. And.... it tastes surprisingly well.

Beppu Hell Ponds. Great destination for this time of the year. 2 reasons: 1) There are far and few visitors in town. 2) It's crisp outside, just hop in one of the many-many hotsprings to warm up.

31 Dec 2023. Reflecting on a succesful and camperful year.

Billie, rental AKA and Alishan.

 Mellow Yellow Autumn.

Sy Koru in Odo Yachtharbor.
Waiting patiently till the owners will return from Europe.
Meanwhile, I'm checking the lines and bilges.

We took a business trip to Kitakyushu & Shimonoseki.
Testing and writing a report on a new tourist travel voucher program.

The fishmarket in Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi, is famous for fugu.
Aslo known as blow-fish.

The bridge connecting Kyushu to Honsho.
We drove across it and navigated under it a zillion times

But this time... A First.
We took the tunnel and walked from Honshu to Kyushu.
As you can see, it's confusing for Marijke. 

Guess,  what's this.......??

Fukuoka in Season's Mood.

Christmas 2023.
High Five to the sunnier moments of a more or less non-stop
delivery Nagoya -->Fukuoka.
** 500+ miles.
** Average speed 5 knots.
** Average temperature 5 degrees Celsius.
** Duration 5 days.
** AND 5☆s to navigator Watanabe san!!


Yappari Kyushu, part 32


Ha, we had to celebrate something.
Best way to do is with some yummy sushi from our own Tatsuki

So Much to See. No rush, No Rush.

Right down town Fukuoka.

Magic Moment of the Day.

Park 'n Hike. Indeed it was again a magic day on those 2 mountains. And afterwards it was super nice to relax in Billie Bee Camperbus.

What a Charm. Where on earth will you find untouched items as seen in this picture?

Koyo at the carpark.

Autumn. We found a nice possy for the night, 5 minutes walk to the hotspring....
Bring it on.

Catching some of those autumn rays. Be there.

Sunday, November 5, 2023

Yappari Kyushu, part 31


Taking the ferry from Kyushu to Yokohama.
Delivering a campervan to meet the customer in Tokyo.

Bath Time on the ferry.
Try to beat that !!

Yappari Waterfalls.
It's HOT these August days.
An option to stay cool is to hang around
at one of the many waterfalls to be found in Kyushu.

Billie is slowly slowly making the clock go round.
Half of these Ks we have had the joy of driving this beauty.

Yappari Kuju Aso National Park. Spectacular scenery guaranteed.

Rare rainy and/or overcast days.

Parking area a Mt. Daisen, Tottori

Mt Daisen in Tottori has this awesome Post Hike Onsen.
Once you discover the beauty of an onsen, you'll understand why there is no shower in our campervans.

Some Summertime Snapshots

Office with a View.

Starry Nights. Best to experience in Kuju Aso National Park. And hey, in the summer, this is the place to be: So much cooler.

Expressway Rest Area. Not so romantic. But is might pay off. Ehhh ???? Yes, if you use the RA for an overnight stay, the expressway charge becomes less.
Not by much, but it does.

Yappari Bridges. They come in all sizes and makes.

Yappari near the Beach.