Monday, January 30, 2017

January Sojourns 2017

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January Sojourns in Kyushu

Most SW point @ Kyushu.

The town down there is Makurazaki in Kagoshima Pref. 
Mt Kaimon is popping out of the haze.

A bit closer to Mt Kaimon.
The trail to the top is pleasant and easy hike.
At the base of this Small Mt Fuji are plenty of hot-springs.
And the famous Hot Sand Bath beaches.

View from the top....

Some pictures taken while hiking around Fukuoka.

 Map showing Itoshima, just to the west of Fukuoka city.

And one week later, it was time to hike Mt Iimori.
It's only  an easy 1 hour stroll to the top.

Iimori Jinja is at the base of the mountain.
This temple has a strong link to horse riding & archery.

And of course, on 3 February it is: Setsubun.
A festival to celebrate is THE day before Spring starts ..... 

Make sure, you enter Fuku chan's mouth.
Good things will follow.

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