Wednesday, February 28, 2018

RVing in Japan made easy 4

RVing in Japan made easy.

Where? Route R 388.
We made a stop at this road-station, located at a scenic lake. Good place for a stroll, a quick bite and some coffee.
It's OK for an overnight P, clean toilets, 24h.

The shores of the lake are covered with Sakura trees.
It must be awesome to visit this place in March.

And yes, they do sell ice cream....

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Monday, February 26, 2018

RVing Japan made easy 3

RVing in Japan made easy 3.

All camper-rentals in Japan come with car-navigation. BUT unfortunately they only work in Japanese mode.
We always use Google Navi via our tablet/smartphone/wifi.
Works perfect.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

RVing & sightseeing trip around Mt Tara, Saga ken in January.

In January we took Esther the RV
 for a weekend spin around 
Mt Tara in Saga ken, Kyushu.

This part of Japan and especially at this time of the year
 it is off-the-beaten-track.
Nice and quiet.
First day was exploring birdlife near the Ariaki Sea, next day was land-inwards.

There are truly zillion of soaking options in Saga ken, so of course we enjoyed a wonderful bath at one of the hot-springs.

Slept a peaceful sleep at the parking lot near a playground park (super clean toilets),
and woke up next morning to a wintery wonderland with snow at the higher altitude roads.
(Both hotspring and parking area are along route 444, 
not far from each other).

Typical mountain road...
1 car at a time.

The sudden change in weather made it into a magic scenery.

 Esther the RV.
Small, cozy and multi purpose. 

The fields across this valley have some tea crops.
So now you know how Iced Tea is grown ;-)

Traditional farm-house.
Luff those roof constructions.

Steaming hills.

Things you see when driving around Saga ken....

...and things you eat in Ureshino, small town famous for its hot springs and.....
Tofu nabe.
Wake me up any time!! 

See Marijke's blog for the birding part:

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Sunday, February 18, 2018

RVing in Japan made easy 2

RVing in Japan made easy.
Here and there but especially in the countryside,
you can encounter Honesty Fruit & Vegie stalls. Just drop the right amount of yen in the box and take your goodies. いただきます。

Sunday, February 11, 2018

RVing in Japan made easy 1

RVing in Japan made easy.

Here we made a pit-stop at one of the zillion convenience stores. 
Hot fresh coffee, good quality pre-cooked food, general food supplies, place to drop off small amount of rubbish, clean toilets (courtesy: ask the staff if you can make use of the loo).
Even an overnight stay is "okay" but not recommended as trafffic is coming and going all hours.
There are plenty of places to camp.

For free.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Do you smell it too? Is Spring in the Air?

Last Monday and Tuesday it was still weather like this:  

Confusing neh.

But then on Friday,
a warm weather front came to town.
So, quickly the hiking shoes got out and off we went to
Mt Kanondake in Imajuku, a mere 20 minute drive.

  Start of the trail, ample parking, a vending machine, a toilet
walking aids and more important: a mountain spring supplying fresh and tasty drinking water to fill the flask.

 At the top, facing West, Itoshima countryside.

Facing East.
Down there is Fukuoka.
So near, so far.

 Facing North.
Hakata Bay with Nokonoshima in the center.
That was a pleasant 3 hour hike.
Isn't Fukuoka a wonderful place to live at?
Town, sea, mountains. All nearby.

And oh boy,
Do i smell Spring....?