Tuesday, September 26, 2017

RV camping and hiking in August

An other great spin with Esther the Car.
This time we drove to Mt Aso area for birdies ( Marijke is editing her Bird Blog...On Air Soon).
And Mt Kuju area for climbing and flowers.
We left Fukuoka at midday Saturday...as the fish market this weekend was held on Saturday i.s.o. Sunday due to Obon Holiday. Tell you, we're confused with the days!

About the climb: Starting point was at Makinoto Pass.
That's where we spent the night at a romantic car park;-)
That is so awesome in Japan. Parking (camping) can be done almost anywhere. And toilets are plenty and clean!!
It was cool at night, we even needed a sheet!
The Goal: Nakadake.

It turned out to be an All Cloud Cover Climb. A fellow climber showing the trail.
But soon we would go our own pace.

From here on i was mostly by myself.  
It's 0630 and not many climbers were on the mountain, yet.
On the way to the top, I met only 4 others going up and about 5 coming down (spent the night on the top?)
On the way down...oops, it became crowded, even in these poor conditions.

Useful trail markers, esp. needed at cross-roads. As a man-of-the sea, ahum,  the ( steady and strong) wind gave me an idea about N~S~E~W.  Going Up was so-so-hard work, going down was easy...until it started pouring and the trail became slippery...

The TOP, and the only thing to see is this marker.
But it is the Highest Point on Kyushu!

For those of you who cannot read or write:
Naka Dake, 1791 Meter above sea level....
(Ask Alishan)

Meanwhile down below: Can you spot Marijke? 
And if so...What do you think she is doing?


Country road.....
We took the "inshore" roads to avoid the traffic jams and wow, did we explore some nice places.
That's what it's all about..
RV-ing, hiking and photography in Kyushu.

A farm house, somewhere in the whopwhops.
Indeed it was an other great trip.


Exploring Kyushu by RV: A trip in spring

In spring, 
The Heart of Mt Kuju turns Pink.
This mountainous area is a National Park in the center of Kyushu.
Time to explore.

Early warning signs of Pink to come.

Trails at Kuju Nat Park are well marked. 
Today's first goal is the top of Mt Taisen.

A view over my right shoulder.
That peak on the left is always smoking and rumbling.
Volcanic activity is paramount of this area.

Getting further to the top.

A magic view of Mt Yufu near Yufuin.

Pink is playing peak-a-boo everywhere.

That's what you can call a magic Rock Garden.

Woaoaaa, say No More.

 Next goal is Mt Hijidake. 
Best Pink Peak of All.

Made it to the top of Pink Paradise.
Of course on such a magic day, i wasn't the only hiker.
But still, it felt Pink was there for me alone.

 One more shot in Pink Paradise.
Couldn't stop taking pictures.

Heading back now to Chojabaru car-park after a 6 hours hike in Pink Paradise.
Truly a magic destination when exploring Kyushu by Campervan.
Want to Go?

Mail us : hikefukuoka(at)gmail.com

BTW, what was the after hike-dessert?
A good soak in one of the many hot-springs.
More magic.


Saturday, September 23, 2017

Hiking and RV Camping in Kyushu.

We all wanted to go for a Hike.
None of us was keen on too much strain.
So, somehow we ended up hiking this area
 in the middle Kyushu.
Not sure if it was in Oita or Kumamoto Prefecture.
But what a joyful & leisure hike it became.
See here some pictures.

Looks easy enough, don't you agree?

 Arriving at the top....and the view....
...as so often, a bit Japanese hazy, but still spectacular.

Always something to read.
Shoot with Google Translate, and you "know" it all.

If needed, there is a hiking stick for you.....
As found at so many trail-heads.
Great service.

 It was an other crowded day at this Kyushu Hiking trail.

 even spotted some wildlife.

Sign shows you the way and what to see at different the seasons.

This too is a great destination for your 
Camper Rental Trip.

Ask for details HERE or