Wednesday, March 8, 2017

February Sojourns part 1

 Welcome, welcome, welcome.

Here comes a series of 3 updates 
what Hike n See did and saw in February.
Yep, the coldest month of the year...
but it's also the turn-around of the winter towards spring.

   First of All, this maneki neko (fortune cat).
Found her in a display at Mamushi Onsen in Itoshima
She was hand made by an 84 year old lady.
And indeed February brought us good health...
 and (some) fortune :-)

We had some snow the other day...
so time to enjoy a white hike!

After enough picture taking & absorbing of the scenery was down the trail..
and spearheading for that Mamushi Onsen.

Not a bad day at all.

And true, only a few days later...

An amazing day, weather-wise for sure...
so it was time to hike Mt Iimori
Just at our backyard.

with in the center Momochi area with of course, 
Fukuoka Tower.

 Serious Blooming Plum

Wishing Notes 
like these can be found at many temples.

Same can be said about awesome & huge cedar trees.
Boy can they tell tall stories...

 it's just a problem finding a fitting grass-skirt for them...

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