Monday, August 27, 2018

RVing in Japan, pre-summer update

Do you know that song: Video killed the radio star?

Well, no worries, we are healthy and genki, 
but sailing, hiking, fishing, teaching and work commitments for 
Drive N See 
Kyushu Rental Camper kept me busy.
(no-no-no, no complains)

See here, a picture and chat update.
(4 blog postings)

First part of the story, a lot of adventures and miles were made with Esther the Car.

One wet wet wet Friday afternoon we took Esther for a spin along coast in Itoshima. 
Drinking coffee here, eating pizza there.

And a couple of times, Esther served as camper for our birding and hiking trips in central Kyushu.
(see follow-up blogs)

1 weekend we had this Camper Meetup Camp with 3seven77 clients and staff in Kumamoto.

After the camp-event we took the back roads home.
Isn't this an awesome driving country?

And yes, .... we were a bit happily busy with customers from the Netherlands.

More to follow, see next postings.

Of course, for more chats & pictures, see

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