Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Exploring Kyushu by RV: A trip in spring

In spring, 
The Heart of Mt Kuju turns Pink.
This mountainous area is a National Park in the center of Kyushu.
Time to explore.

Early warning signs of Pink to come.

Trails at Kuju Nat Park are well marked. 
Today's first goal is the top of Mt Taisen.

A view over my right shoulder.
That peak on the left is always smoking and rumbling.
Volcanic activity is paramount of this area.

Getting further to the top.

A magic view of Mt Yufu near Yufuin.

Pink is playing peak-a-boo everywhere.

That's what you can call a magic Rock Garden.

Woaoaaa, say No More.

 Next goal is Mt Hijidake. 
Best Pink Peak of All.

Made it to the top of Pink Paradise.
Of course on such a magic day, i wasn't the only hiker.
But still, it felt Pink was there for me alone.

 One more shot in Pink Paradise.
Couldn't stop taking pictures.

Heading back now to Chojabaru car-park after a 6 hours hike in Pink Paradise.
Truly a magic destination when exploring Kyushu by Campervan.
Want to Go?

Mail us : hikefukuoka(at)gmail.com

BTW, what was the after hike-dessert?
A good soak in one of the many hot-springs.
More magic.


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