Saturday, September 23, 2017

Hiking and RV Camping in Kyushu.

We all wanted to go for a Hike.
None of us was keen on too much strain.
So, somehow we ended up hiking this area
 in the middle Kyushu.
Not sure if it was in Oita or Kumamoto Prefecture.
But what a joyful & leisure hike it became.
See here some pictures.

Looks easy enough, don't you agree?

 Arriving at the top....and the view.... so often, a bit Japanese hazy, but still spectacular.

Always something to read.
Shoot with Google Translate, and you "know" it all.

If needed, there is a hiking stick for you.....
As found at so many trail-heads.
Great service.

 It was an other crowded day at this Kyushu Hiking trail.

 even spotted some wildlife.

Sign shows you the way and what to see at different the seasons.

This too is a great destination for your 
Camper Rental Trip.

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